We are buying helicopters for the Ukrainian special forces!

We established the campaign “Polish Civic Fundraiser: Arm Ukraine” to give you the opportunity to directly influence the course of the war. Let’s strengthen the Ukrainian military forces together! We want to regularly buy efficient weapons that will help defend our Neighbors and fight off Russian bandits from Ukrainian territories. Help us help Ukraine! Let’s do it together!
As a warm-up, we have selected a helicopter to be used by the Main Intelligence Service of Ukraine (MIS). We want to buy three pieces. The equipment will be used to evacuate wounded soldiers from the battlefield. It is a weapon for rescue. It will serve to rescue Ukrainian soldiers from death. Let’s buy them! After that, there will be cannons or something equally shootable, but first the helicopter. We will buy what we need to defend a free, democratic Ukraine, and above all, the lives of our Ukrainian Neighbors!


Мi-2АМ-1 helicopter with medical equipment. It is a reliable model, modernized and adapted to current needs. The lower price of the helicopter results from the fact that the equipment is manufactured in Ukraine, under special conditions. The location of production in Ukraine also means easy and inexpensive servicing and access to replacement parts, which is very important in wartime conditions! What’s more, by buying a helicopter from a Ukrainian company, we are supporting the industry there and providing employment for ordinary people. This is important since the war has hit the Ukrainian economy and left many people unemployed.


The cost of purchasing the helicopter is $570,000. We decided that it would be reasonable to convert this amount with a small top due to possible changes in the currency exchange rate, so we set the fundraiser at 2,700,000 per helicopter. That’s a total of PLN 8,100,000. The remaining funds will be used for another fundraiser, the goal of which we will set soon together with our military experts!

The funds raised through the fundraiser will be used to purchase helicopters or helicopter parts equal in value to the amount raised. If the funds raised from the collection exceed 8 mil. 100,000 – the surplus will be used to purchase additional spare parts.

Interview with the commander of the helicopter unit to which the purchased helicopters will be delivered:


General Polko on the importance of being able to evacuate wounded soldiers from the battlefield: